June 20, 2010

I say "potato", you say "tuber"

So tonite I went out with that friend that contributed to the crazy nite from before. This time we went to both downtown Greer and downtown Greenville. And while I wish I could report excitement from our Greer trip, nothing happened except our unfruitful efforts to find Toads on Trade. So onto downtown Greenville we went. And boy are we glad because we saw some drama! There were so many young teens downtown and that got to be the problem when 2 of them started fighting. Now I say "fighting" but my awesome friend refused to use this word... and I don't know why. While talking about it amongst ourselves and also with the other people who watched this fight, I heard her describe it as, "ruckus, roughhousing, rumble, skirmish, scuffle, tussle, fisticuffs" but no "fight" (ok, some of those words might have been thrown in there for dramatic effect, but only some of them). But yea, we saw a down and dirty, all out fight, police involved and all. We even saw Fox Carolina.

It was a lot of fun. Again, this is why we hang out; cause we have such crazy times.

Edy's mint chocolate chip.


  1. I WISH I'd said "fisticuffs"!. I only didn't because I didn't think of it. When I was relating the story to Westley and I turned to you and said, "We saw a .... a.... What would you call it?" did you see the disappointment in my eyes when you were like, "Fight."
    Fisticuffs would have been the appropriate response there. Lesson learned (for you. so... lesson taught, I guess.).

  2. I didn't notice YOUR disappointment and YOU didn't notice MINE! The good news is that we probably won't be in that situation again. So I won't wonder why you can't say the word fight and you won't wonder why that's the only word I know. HA!

  3. KABLAMMEY: http://bananacopenhagen.blogspot.com/2010/06/competing-posts.html

    (kablammey is 80's for: you got served!, which is 90's for: FACE. And... I'm pretty sure it's not really 80's. Unhappy face. :(