September 13, 2010

Post 99!

Who knows what post 100 will be, but 99 is about librarians and the post office. Not together mind you. First the librarian. As I was returning my book, Angry Conversations with God, and checking out my new book, When God doesn't make sense, it dawned on me that librarians probably see all kinds of things that they DON'T want to. Like the lady checking out books about an eating disorder or the guy checking out books to get over his porn addiction. And I wondered if they make up stories about these people and their lives (cause I KNOW I would). Oh you poor librarians. I thought about explaining my book choices, but 1. I don't need to explain myself and 2. it is apparent :-). There was also this elderly lady talking about another elderly person who just died and her family found her STD medication. Luckily though, this was a book she read... or so she said.....

Also, I joined the circus today. Well not really, it was the post office (and I didn't even join...). While dropping off my letters to be magically transported to somewhere in the US, I saw a sign for a part time opening at my little country location. By the time I got back to the car, I was already a full fledged postal worker (in my mind). I had my routes set out, thought about how awesome my legs would look in their uniform (although my legs already look awesome, so I guess how "awesomer" they would look). I had my sunblock picked out and was already cautioning myself on being diligent about applying. I was even thinking about the homemade cookies I would get from the people on my route and hoping they wouldn't be laced with cyanide.I envisioned going over to Teresa's house (the postal worker I have befriended during my many trips) for the annual Christmas party and contemplated what I would bring. Alas, it must have been an old posting because when I got home to check, there were no openings at my little country branch. Sigh

Peanut butter, peanut, cocoa, stale cheerios concoction I made this weekend. Warning: (and you would think it was about using stale cheerios, but actually they weren't that bad!) chop up the peanuts!

August 22, 2010

Raise your hand if you're sure! Or if you want to hope you're sure...

So today, I spent my time walking around Clemson Stadium with a know who you are. And it was good....well most of it was good. See, it was hot, and humid and the sweat was just a-rollin' off me and the thousands of people there. This is when it matters what kind of deodorant you have on. And for me, it mattered a lot! I actually wear a natural deodorant (for different reasons, but I've been doing it since seeing a family member do it, yet, not smelling her. Ha!). And normally, I'm happy with the protection it provides. But this is when I'm in the comfort of my own home, and don't care if it works well or not. And I gladly report that it did well today! I got no complaints from any of the people around me. Yay! And upon doing the arm sniff test as I type this (and the 20 or so times I checked today), I can say that, "I'm sure!"

Dove dark chocolate bar.

August 19, 2010

Honorable Mentions

As I prepare to make my way out of crazy S. Florida, here are some things worth sharing:
-I didn't get shot. Yay!! Not from a stray bullet or anything like that ( although it is totally possible). But on purpose. Because there were many times when the "wiser" thing would have been for me to keep my mouth shut since I never knew if the other person was possessing a deadly weapon....
-While waiting for the light to turn green, I saw this lovely lady pull out her tweezers, identify the gray hairs on her head in her side view mirror, and then... pluck them.
-I will no longer have easy access to my mother's amazing cooking. So, I've frozen all of the food that I can and will pack them in my suitcase in the morning. (I have left behind clothes in order to fit all the food)
-I am looking forward to counting the number of pigeons I will see in the airport.... and getting the heck up outta here!

Also, I will go back to eating non-Breyers fdds. I had the most amazing carrot cake today with melted icing and fresh whip cream. Yum-o!

August 14, 2010

I know I'm in South Florida when....

When I don't bat an eye that there is a pigeon in the airport. Even one that's eating food off the ground. Because last time I was in the airport, I saw three of them. I even thought it funny that the people behind me in baggage claim thought it was amusing and were surprised by it. Tourists! You're the amusing ones. Also not a shock: that my bag looked like 3 other bags on the belt, causing me to accost a woman and ask her if she had the right bag. Also not a shock: someone stalled in the turning lane and the cars behind him were still honking him to go. Because cars run on honks and NOT the engine.... Sigh. Good ole S. Florida. Thank God it's just vacation. No really, I thanked God.

Breyer's ice cream sandwich. Yep, back on the Breyers... Also, my mother bought, gasp, Florida Natural orange juice! I don't even know who this woman is anymore!

August 11, 2010

26% almost equals 100%....if you round up a lot.

I'm stirring things up! So I've decided that my goal of 365 (375 depending on who you talk to) is done. Yep, I'm throwing in the towel. Partly because I created this goal and can't figure out why I did or what I wanted to accomplish at the end of it besides saying that I blogged for 365/375 days... Partly because it causes me extra stress to figure out something clever or witty to blog about and this is NOT the time for extra stress in my life. And partly because I want to rebel (against myself?) and it gives me the feeling of being "bad" by not finishing something. So yea, I'm giving it to the man and will post when I want to. Thanks though to my 2 loyal fans! I dedicate this rebellion to you. Now, off to get that tattoo....

The last half of the half of cupcake from last nite ( I just wanted to rile the roomie up; I didn't really eat all of it) and Edy's peanut butter fdd.

August 10, 2010

Conquer the dessert world

So I've been eating desserts like crazy (it's a comfort food) lately and also adding some inches to my waist line. I've had lots of goodies and some not so goodies. But tonite's desserts was a goodie, especially since it followed barbecue pork chops. Yum. I had pepperidge farm's chocolate petit cake and boy was it chocolate-y. But it wasn't as good as the last half of the roomie's cupcake. There's just something sweet (and tempting) about forbidden food.....Too bad that started the fall of man and probably a dispute in this house.

Good thing tmw is grocery day so I can replace them....

August 8, 2010

Good food, good friends, and a good swing

Just wanted to say that today ended well with some tacos, some talking, and some taking in the scenes on a swing :-) (hey, I needed something that started with a "t"!).

Edy's chocolate peanut butter cup fdd in a waffle cone.