May 12, 2010

It's more than a noun/verb, it's a way of living

     My crazy friend falsely believes that "coupon" is not a verb. Poor thing. It is very much a verb. Look how well I use it in this sentence: I went couponing at the store today and saved $1350(remember to convert back to US from Jamaican). I understand that it might not be listed in the dictionary as a verb but hey, staycation is NOW considered a word. And I truly believe that coupon as a verb makes more sense than staycation as an anything. Anyways, my cousin showed me where he has begun carrying around his moviewatcher rewards card and TGIFriday's reward card because of me, my money saving suggestions (and rants) and my modeling of appropriate couponing behavior. Essentially, I have changed his life. Yep I said it. Sure it wasn't in a major way, but I have affected how he lives. The end.

    I found a blog called interruptingcowmoo...the author no longer posts. What a ridiculous name...

I had cake and ice cream today. Specifically birthday cake from Winn-Dixie (no one's bday, they sell it by the slice) and Blue Bell's moo-llenium crunch. yum

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